Preparation & Equipment When Going Kayaking To Vancouver Island & The Sunshine Coast Is Vital For A Safe Fun Trip

Kayak Equipment, Packing & Preparation

When it comes to packing the right gear and equipment such as clothing, food, sleeping articles, first aid equipment and kayak accessories you can be tempted to bring a bit more than your kayak can hold. The amount of space you have in the holding compartment if very important and you need to be aware of what it takes to equip you for a short trip to a long multi day trip on Vancouver Island.

Packing for paradise...


Most of your belongings will be packed in dry bags...

Preparation is a priority at Rising Sun and our guides spend days in advance of every trip making sure we have appropriate rations of food and all the necessary safety equipment.

Kit preparing the kayaks for another day on the water
Paul cooks while Kit checks boats in the background for safety equipment


At Rising Sun, we make your trip preparations as easy as possible by packing most of your necessities for you!  Basically, you are in charge of packing your clothes… we handle the rest.  If you do not own a tent or dry bags, do not worry about spending extra money buying these expensive items. Rising Sun can provide you with your tent and enough dry bags to keep your personal belongings dry.  We also pack enough food for all our guests to be well-fed for the entire duration of their trip. 

What we can provide:

  • Food
  • Tents
  • Dry Bags
  • Kayak, paddles and all associated safety equipment

What you should pack:

  • Clothes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Extra water bladders
  • Your camera(suggested)
  • A bottle of wine(suggested)
  • Any other desired personal effects



Packing for Day Trips

Packing for Multi-Day Trips


How does it all fit and stay dry?

Each kayak is equipped with three sealable compartments that stay bone-day, even in rougher waters.  The compartments are surprisingly spacious and hold most of our luggage.  Everything else gets packed in dry bags on top of the boats.  Dry bags closed properly are 100% affective in keeping clothes and personal belongings dry.

While room can be tight in the kayaks, there is a method to our packing madness and it is rare that we can't make everything fit. We encourage our guests to bring additional items such as guitars, surfboards, tripods, camera equipment, fishing rods or stereos if you think it will enhance your experience. After all, what's a campfire without some good guitar picking? And why paddle over the living room of thousands of wild salmon without trying to catch one for dinner?



About food...

At Rising Sun, we like to eat well and pack enough food to ensure our guests have three nutritious meals per day. All meals are planned by one of our outdoor cooking specialists before the trip and are often vegetarian in nature. If you have special dietary needs, we need to know. Please contact us at least one week prior to your launch so we can work with you on customizing our menu!