Join Us In The Lower Mainland Gor Day And Night Guided Trips From Deep Cover North Vancouver and The Burrard Inlet

Day & Night Kayak Trips From Vancouver

Our trips are designed for the beginner all the way to the experienced professional. We can take you to a variety of areas in the lower mainland from West Vancouver and Horseshoe Bay all the way up to Deep Cover and Indian Arm of North Vancouver. Our guides ensure your comfort and safety as well as can create custom trips for you and your friends and family.

Rising Sun's Day Trips

Day Trips

"We squeezed a day trip in on the tail end of our Whistler ski vacation and we are glad we did! After a week exploring the mountains on skis, it was great to explore the water in a kayak. We picked the English Bay tour and it was exhilirating to see Vancouver from a completely different perspective!"

Lucy Textor,
San Diego, California


At Rising Sun Kayaks, we offer day trips throughout the year from British Columbia’s lower mainland and the Sunshine Coast.  If you don’t have time for one of our multi-day adventures, we highly recommend a day trip.  Day trips are a great way to develop kayaking skills and take in some of B.C.’s outdoor beauty while still being able to make dinner plans in downtown Vancouver at night.  All of our day trips offer a unique paddling experience in some of the world’s finest designed sea kayaks.  Included in our prices is the equipment, instruction and accompaniment of one of our seasoned guides. 

Our regularly departing day trips explore Deep Cove, the English Bay, Horseshoe Bay and Howe Sound.  All of these trips launch from easily accessible locations only minutes from metro Vancouver.  We launch according to the schedule of our clients, which means at whatever time is best for you… morning, noon or night!  While our daytime trips are most popular, our nighttime trips are equally rewarding, enabling you to paddle through the placid waters under the light of the moon!

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Custom Group and Corporate Trips

One of our bigger group trips!

Throughout the week, we offer lessons and excursions to groups of any size.  For over a decade, we have been hosting large corporate groups, school groups, sports teamsand birthday parties of sizes that grow to be several dozen kayakers large. 

Your group trip will include a brief introduction to kayaking before we take to the water.  This ensures that even the most inexperienced paddler will feel confident in their boat!  Depending on the size of your group, we will appoint an appropriate number of guides for navigation and safety purposes.  Usually two or more guides will accompany each group trip. 

Our groups can be fantastic educational experiences for children looking to learn more about their environment. For corporations looking for an office escape, our trips make for a fun and relaxing bonding experience for co-workers.  Contact us for rates!

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Paddling under the moonlight

The Light of the Moon - Rising Sun's Evening / Night Tours

Every month, with the arrival of the full moon, comes the opportunity for a most unique and fulfilling kayaking adventure, this being one of our moonlight paddles.  See the shimmer of the moon’s light glistening of the tamed evening waters.  We paddle out just before sunset and return with the full moon, high in the night sky.  This is typically a four-hour tour that is quite a show between the colors of the setting sun and the moon rising in the dusk sky.

We also offer night paddling throughout the rest of the month, guided by flashlights and the bright skyline of downtown Vancouver.  These trips are unique, safe expeditions- with multiple guides coming along to emphasize careful navigation and group safety.  Link here for our evening paddle rates!

"Full Moon" Kayak Tours & Information


A Quick Escape - the Deep Cove to Indian Arm Day Trip

heading out of Deep Cove towards Indian Arm



On this trip, you will only be paddling a short 15-minute drive away from downtown Vancouver but once you are on the water; you will feel that you have entered another dimension.  This fjord, deep in Burrard Inlet, is a fantastic, sheltered paddling area with tranquil waters, a variety of beaches, whitewashed cliffs, islands and marine parks.  The entire fjord runs 21 kilometers long and makes a great day paddle for kayakers of all ability levels. 

The Deep Cove launch site is arguably the best launch site on the Lower Mainland.  It is simple to access from metro Vancouver and is a quick escape into the B.C. wilderness.  Within the community of Deep Cove itself, there are plenty of hiking trails, parks, shops, restaurants and pubs to explore.  Whether you are from Vancouver or just visiting on holiday, this trip is a nice departure from the hustle of downtown. Our day trips out of Deep Cove can last 4 or 8 hours and include a picnic.  Deep Cove is also a highly recommended location for a night tour. Link here for pricing...

ADDED BONUS: An extra 'treat' on our paddles up Indian Arm is that Rising Sun has exclusive access to 8 acres of shoreline property just past Brighton Beach. Rising Sun and family owns this property and included in your day trip options will be a picnic stop. The property has its own waterfalls and creeks creating a mini-estuary wiht a sandy beach that receives direct sun throughout the day. The property has basic amenities, a cabin and dock and is the perfect destination for a half-day trip!

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Departs in West Vancouver - Horseshoe Bay and Howe Sound

Kit ready to launch in Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay is another popular destination for those looking to spend a day in a kayak.  Most B.C. residents have only explored the waters of Horseshoe Bay and Howe Sound aboard one of B.C.’s massive ferries.  A kayak offers a more intimate, exploratory experience… to say the least!  There is much more to these waters than what you can see from the ferry decks and in just a half day of paddling, you will be able to see what we mean.  From Horseshoe Bay, we often make the 45-minute paddle to Bowen Island or the 30-minute paddle to Whitecliff Park.  Here we find incredible views of the Georgia Strait as well as sightings of birds and marine mammals. 

This trip is weather dependent as Howe Sound does not have the shelter of Deep Cove but these trips do offer a paddling experience that is close to what you would find on the open ocean.  The best days to paddle our of the Bay are those sunny, summer days when B.C. can easily be mistaken for Hawaii with its lush greens mountains and big blue ocean.  Link for rates or contact us for additional trip information! See photos...


The English Bay Experience - From Ambleside Beach to Stanley Park

Urban paddling

Every travel book we’ve ever looked in seems to have one unanimous recommendation for tourists traveling to Vancouver:  “take a walk on the sea wall at Stanley Park.”  At Rising Sun Kayaks, we have a better idea: “paddle around the sea wall at Stanley Park.”  This trip is a great urban paddling experience that allows you to see Vancouver’s gem, Stanley Park, from a different perspective.  Our trip launches from West Vancouver and we paddle toward the downtown.  Making stops at Stanley Park’s precious beaches and taking in the Vancouver skyline.

This is the perfect trip for those looking to catch an offbeat glimpse at our breathtaking city.  One of our favorite times to paddle the English Bay is at night, when the water seems still and the city’s lights twinkle in the night sky.  Rate information…



NEWLY ADDED: Sunshine Coast Day Trips

Paddling out of Egmont

Rising Sun Kayak Adventures is excited to now offer day trips regularly launching from the Sunshine Coast. Our trips launch out of the Backeddy Egmont Marina Resort and are available all seasons of the year. Egmont is not only our favorite launch site for our Multi-day explorations of the Sunshine Coast but is also an ideal launch spot for Day-trip launches.  

From here, we can easily access places such as the Agamemnon Channel, Sechelt Inlet, Captain and Nelson Islands and Jervis Inlet. Day trips our of Egmont are a great way to explore typical Sunshine Coast beauty without having to book a multi-day adventure. Click here to read more about our Sunshine Coast Day trips out of Egmont!



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"Throughout the year, we lead custom day trips to anywhere you want to paddle. Locations include all waterways connected to the B.C. Lower Mainland and the Sunshine Coast. False Creek, Sechelt, White Rock, you name it... we want to take you there! Just contact us to schedule your trip. Our guides are also always available for private lessons and our boats are always available for rent. Let us know how we can help you get out on the water!"



Deep Cove, Indian Arm, North Vancouver

$110 pp

$160 pp
$88 pp
English Bay, Vancouver
$110 pp
$160 pp
$88 pp
Ambleside to Stanley Park, Vancouver
$108 pp
$160 pp
$88 pp
Howe Sound, West Vancouver
$110 pp
$160 pp
$88 pp
Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver
$110 pp
$165 pp
$88 pp
Sunshine Coast
$110 pp
$160 pp
$88 pp
Full Moon & Evening Trips
2 Hrs = $88 pp
4 Hrs = $99 pp
Custom Day/Night Trips
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